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Plans and Permits

Traffic Plans and Permits

There are many different types of events and processions that occur in and around Sydney every year. Depending on what type of an even it might be, sometimes, but not always, it might result in required road closure or changes to road traffic flows in and around the area where an even might be.

Most people are not aware of the many laws and regulations that need to be carried out and put in place if a road closure, traffic diversions or
pedestrian access is or might be affected.

In most cases, the answer is never an easy one, and one or more permits might be required from local council’s, police, STA, RMS or any one of the
other governing authorities that look after the states roads, highways and toll ways.

Try to imagine organising your even, having everything booked in and ready to go. Then turning up to your site only to have it closed down because you haven’t obtained the correct permits and authorisation.

Gone are the days of cutting down a tree, holding and running a small street fate, building a new driveway for your home and ordering a concrete pour, or setting up a crane of witch none can today be done without a firstly obtaining an authorised traffic control plan and permit.

Not sure what to do or what you need?

If you’ve ever dealt with local Councils or Government bodies, you’ll be familiar with the amount of time and paper work is involved in getting something done.

Traffic Plans & Road Closure Permits

The same goes for securing road permits and traffic control approvals. We work closely with Councils, Police, RMS and STA so we know the kind of extensive paperwork and procedures they require.

With all our years of experience in all types of traffic control and management systems, we can have most traffic plans drawn up with approved permits granted within 48 hours.

Are you planning to hold a demonstration, parade or sporting, social or entertainment event?

If the answer is yes, you will most likely require the closure of a road. Below is a brief outline of the type of background information you will need to be aware of in order to submit an application to the local authorities.

A road closure to carry out construction or roadwork’s.

If you would like to apply to close a road for the purpose of undertaken work, you will need to apply for permission to do so first. Closing a local or state road without permission and correct permits may result in accidents, injuries and even criminal prosecution.

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One of the best companies to work for. Working with people that are dedicated and passionate about what they do really makes this company one of the best as there is on going support from management.

Kimberley Arnold

Thanks Simon & all the team great job at the new Kieser Centre insulation in Pymble NSW. See you Saturday for Stage 2... last container. No 1 Traffic control Management.

Mirage Gym Maintenance

I’ve been very impressed with Jim's Traffic Controls service since i started using them in August 2016. The staff here are very friendly and helpful, which makes our relationship compatible. Have had no issues so far and happy to recommend them to other builders out there.

Trevor Knight

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