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Why Become a Part of Jim’s Traffic Control?

  • Increased Income
  • Own and build a very valuable asset
  • Pay For Work Guarantee
  • Go on holidays when you want to
  • Gain a much bigger market share
  • Choose your own lifestyle

Have you ever thought about being your own Boss and not sure how to start? Are you worried about getting enough work to survive? Or maybe you have an existing business that you are looking to improve and have more success?

Are you looking for a complete, proven system with all the resources, training and support you need? Do you want your advertising in the Yellow Pages, local paper and online done for you?

Are you getting lots of work enquiries but are being frustrated by “Price cutting, and under qualified competition”? Want a business where you don’t have to stop and take all the calls or hire someone to do it for you?

What Else Can Jim’s Traffic Control Offer?

  • A brand that is already well known, respected and established.
  • It is your own business and you choose to grow as you wish.
  • Keep your existing client base.
  • Own an asset that you can sell in the future for your own profit and gain.
  • Marketing and advertising abilities far beyond the capability of an independent operator, with a greater response to advertising and a higher conversion rate from enquiries.
  • Have that well-earned holiday with the family with peace of mind because your clients are looked after by equally qualified and experienced Jim’s Traffic Control franchisees.
  • Business and franchise training with ongoing coaching & mentoring to help your business be successful.
  • Ability to choose the type of work you want to do, when you want to do it.
  • Have the opportunity to take advantage of our bulk purchasing power which provides huge discounts on materials, mobile phones and call rates (for family, friends and employees), work vehicles, trade insurance and more.

And this is only the beginning! Call Jim’s Traffic Control now and take the first steps in becoming a Jim’s Traffic Control franchisee.


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One of the best companies to work for. Working with people that are dedicated and passionate about what they do really makes this company one of the best as there is on going support from management.

Kimberley Arnold

Thanks Simon & all the team great job at the new Kieser Centre insulation in Pymble NSW. See you Saturday for Stage 2... last container. No 1 Traffic control Management.

Mirage Gym Maintenance

I’ve been very impressed with Jim's Traffic Controls service since i started using them in August 2016. The staff here are very friendly and helpful, which makes our relationship compatible. Have had no issues so far and happy to recommend them to other builders out there.

Trevor Knight

Have you ever thought about being your own Boss ? Are you worried about getting enough work to survive ?